Religious Fabric, Pew Banner, Male Senior, Here am I, Lord, Send Me. 3762

Beautiful Quilt

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From Isaiah 6:8. "Here am I Lord, Send Me." A reminder that Seniors have a place in the church with talents to give. 

Designed as a pew banner, Hang over the end of a pew, 11 x 17 inches for the exterior of the pew plus 11 x 17 inches for the inside of the pew.  There is a 2.5 inch border in the middle for the center of the pew and a 2.5 inch banner on the bottom to use as a beanbag (ricebag) to hold the banner in place on the pew.

There are four banners per width of the fabric. The final banner size is 11 inches x 43 inches as shown in the second image. 

Option 1:  Add your own backing fabric.

Option 2:  We print a backing fabric to match.

Available on two fabrics:

Our 100% cotton has 4.2 oz of cotton per square yard. This is our "normal" fabric.

Our 100% Cotton Sateen is a term that defines the type of weave. It is 5.6 oz per sq yard of fabric, so it is denser, heavier, feels smoother, has a little shine and makes the image more vivid.  Hangs a little better.

Directions included.