Wildlife Fabric

We carry a huge collection of wildlife fabric. Our fabrics come in photographic prints and painting inspired prints. Our fabrics come in many varieties, such as, a single animal picture, wildlife collage, and landscape scenes. We have an extensive bird collection, which includes everything from ducks to flamingos. Our bird collection includes swans, flamingos, geese, ducks, Blue Footed Booby, Masked Booby, many species of owls, pelicans, many waterfowl, eagles, and wild pheasants. Our collection of bears include Polar Bears, Black Bears, Honey Bears, and Pandas. Many of our fabrics are real scene prints of the bears in their habitats and even bear cubs.

What fabrics do we print on? 

Our 100% cotton has 4.2 oz of cotton per square yard. This is our "normal" fabric.

Our 100% Cotton Sateen is a term that defines the type of weave. It is 5.6 oz per sq yard of fabric, so it is denser, heavier, feels smoother, and makes the image more vivid. Not recommended for hand quilting since hand quilters say it is hard to needle.

Our fleece is a no pill fleece and oh so cuddlely. Makes great tied blankets.