Christmas Fabric, Snowman Fabric Border, Cotton, 4003

Beautiful Quilt Fabric

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This is a Snowman Fabric Border, 12 inches tall by 56 inches wide.  The border is printed over the width of the fabric.  There are 3 borders per yard. The first and second images are the snowman in the border.  The third image is all the snowman in the border.

Available in two fabrics:

Our 100% cotton has 4.2 oz of cotton per square yard. This is our "normal" fabric.

Our 100% Cotton Sateen is a term that defines the type of weave. It is 5.6 oz per sq yard of fabric, so it is denser, heavier, feels smoother, has a little shine and makes the image more vivid. Not recommended for hand quilting since hand quilters say it is hard to needle.

 Sold by the yard.