Cancer Fabric, Multi Cancer Fabric, Cancer Cannot Do, Cotton or Fleece, 2088

Beautiful Quilt

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Inspired by the poem "Cancer Cannot Do", we have created an allover 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton Sateen or Fleece fabric, 56 inches wide.  There are eight different statements that Cancer Cannot Do in the motif.  We have included pictures of the individual motifs, a picture of four and the picture of nine.  Each motif is approximately 4 inches square.  The square of the nine images is 18 inches square.

Cancer is so Limited:

It cannot cripple love; it cannot kill friendship, it cannot reduce eternal life, it cannot destroy confidence, it cannot shatter love, it cannot eat away peace, it cannot corrode faith, it cannot shut out memories, it cannot reduce eternal life.

All our fabrics are priced and sold by the yard.  Then your order is custom printed in one length.  1 yard = 1 units.